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Published: 16th October 2018

By Paul-Stuart Greenough

When it comes to trends, it can be difficult to see what is coming. Our Director Jonathan Stanger explains to us what he can see as the current and upcoming topics that are gaining much more traction – and the changes in tastes over recent years.

“We’ve gone through a period of time in the speaker industry where there’s been various topics covered. In the past, mental resilience, mindset and mental toughness were all spoken about a lot, but we’ve seen a real change and shift in terms of the psychological side of things; moving from mental toughness to mental wellbeing and helping people to work smarter not necessarily harder. There’s some really great work being done out there right now around mental health.”

As psychologist Jamil Qureshi knows, change has been a ‘trend’ that has been around for a while – whether that’s change to individuals or change to the working environment. The world of work is changing so quickly now, flexibility, people working from home more and not coming into the office, a lot of mergers and acquisitions. The longevity of it doesn’t stop it making it onto this list though. “Even companies trying to come up with trends means there’s a lot of change for individuals to cope with. It’s an area we’re particularly strong in, providing thought leaders in change management, people who’ve got experience of dealing with change. I really like that area as well as a lot of psychology goes into that.”

“Disruption and technology probably lead into that as well. There’s a whole piece right now with new thought leaders coming through with the whole change of industry and disrupting the status quo. Companies like Tesla, Amazon, Netflix and all those. They are coming through and disrupting the market place. For some of our big clients it’s about how they can future-proof themselves and be aware of what some of the competitors are doing. There are some amazing speakers in that area, such as Terence Mauri, Laila Pawlak, all talking about things such as artificial intelligence – we’ve got Sophia The Robot on our books as well. It comes to the old saying of ‘the companies that don’t change will die.’”

Team work and collaboration is always of great importance. There are always big pushes on how we can become high performing teams; how we can embrace the individualities of each member of the team and what we can do to take that forward. “Team work and collaboration is a big one and we’re very strong from that point of view, whether that be from a business background or from a sporting background as well.”

Finally, we have diversity and unconscious bias. “We’re seeing a lot more than that now, particularly in the big corporations. There’s a whole piece there to move away from the traditional profile of an employee and really look at a diverse background and the benefit that that can bring.”

Topics of importance, just like anything in culture change and develop constantly, there are some things that stand the test of time and some that evolve into something completely new. Staying ahead of these changes is vital for any organisation to fully embrace and utilise their workforce in the best ways possible. Knowledge is power after all.