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Category: Testimonials
Published: 1st April 2014

Steve took around 500 Tesco Dotcom colleagues on an exciting roller-coaster ride into his world as an Olympian. He told his story with passion, humour, and honesty and had the audience back with him at the games, completely captivated. He seamlessly linked how ‘raising the bar’ for an athlete is no different to anyone in business wanting to stay ahead. The parallels he drew between the key elements of his approach and how dotcommers could think about their success rang true with all levels in the audience – from administrator to IT programmer to CEO. His directness and passion overcame any cynicism. To prepare he had quietly joined us ahead of his session, listened to the messages we were seeking to drive home and adjusted what he said accordingly. This professionalism and tailoring made him stand out. An enormously engaging, thought provoking and professional speaker.