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Category: Testimonials
Published: 15th June 2018

I am a first time client of Tony’s and made my point early on that I really wasn’t interested in training unless there was a commitment to tangible results. In the end, we agreed on a fee on that basis and Tony was instructed to train 5 front line sales staff.
Following on from the training, I saw an average 15% improvement in the lead conversion rate of my 5 sales people that attended Tony’s two-day course.
The anecdotal feedback I had from my staff was that Tony’s training provided them with practical, relevant skills that helped them improve their performance, rather than just blue sky thinking that works in a classroom but not in the real world.
I found Tony easy to deal with and passionate about his subject matter. But not just this, he made good on his commitment to produce tangible results, which is why I am now in discussions about rolling out a larger training course across the board.