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Terence Mauri Webinar
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Hack The Future:
Take your leadership to the next generation!

Join our free webinar on 27th October led by best-selling author Terence Mauri

Cutting edge leadership is needed now more than ever, so we are working with Terence to help you and your people take your leadership to the next dimension. Terence is a leading management thinker and founder of Hack Future Lab, a London based Think Tank. He has been described as an “influential and outspoken expert on the future of leadership” by Thinkers50, the global ranking authority.

So, are you ready to hack the future?

1/3 people believe their job will not exist in a few years due to AI and automation. With so many unknowns, how will companies, individuals and society be best placed to win?

Adopting a “wait and see” strategy is simply not an option. As agents of change, leaders need a more expansive view about their organisations responsibilities and must work together to ensure people are thriving now and in the future.

We will look at how to rewire thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen today.

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27th October 2020

12:00 to 12:40 pm

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