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Tine Thygesen

Tine Thygesen

Tine Thygesen is in the business of building new brands and companies based on the internet and the changes in consumer behaviour created by this. A start-up wizard and CEO, Danish native Tine believes strongly that personal passion, hard work and innovation are key to a company’s success.

Tine’s first company was started in a garage whilst she was living in Australia, and in her own words “the website looked terrible, but the business went terrific”.  Built without any programming knowledge, just  a year later Tine sold her company after  employing clever marketing strategies  including creating the image of a global brand. Now living back in her native Denmark, she has started and led five companies, including mobile travel technology company Everplaces and startup hub FoundersHouse. Tine sits  on the board of several entrepreneurship organizations and is a digital strategic advisor to several others.

She is internationally recognized as a digital pioneer; named among the top 100 women in tech in Europe, in top 10 Speakers on Tech in Europe and is the recipient of a mobile innovation award. She did not achieve this without hard work; believing entrepreneurship to be like a craft, there is a lot of work and honing to be done by simply doing it first-hand. The lessons Tine learned along this journey are part of what she shares in her speaking. Tine is passionate about new technologies and how they can be used to aid business, similarly to startup methodology which she believes can be applied inside corporations for improved innovation and success.

Engaging and entertaining, Tine conveys her creative passion for businesses into her speaking wonderfully. Tine’s passions are innovation, maps, design, digital anthropology, entrepreneurship, tribes, building brands, behavioural economics, champagne and commercialisation.

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Tine is the kind of person who instantly mesmerises the whole crowd to the point where you can hear a pin drop. She is excellent at utilizing her great sense of humour, body language and wit to deliver her messages in a simple way

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