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Steve McDermott

Steve McDermott

Steve McDermott is a broadcaster, businessman and author, and recognised as one of Europe’s funniest, most insightful motivational speakers and facilitators.

Steve McDermott has won the prestigious European Motivational Speaker of the Year Award no less than three times. That’s because his unique style, half business guru; half stand-up comedian makes people laugh as well as think. Steve’s book “How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything” is an international best seller. From Blackpool to Berlin, Manchester to Monte Carlo, Steve hasn’t just talked to thousands of people but also encouraged them to take positive action.

This down to earth Yorkshireman is an inspiration to his audiences. His simple, straight forward ideas work. From his own personal experience, and the research he has conducted over the past 20 years, Steve has come up with the very best methods for improving the way you think in order to improve your chances of success in life and business. He has honed his skills by working with, and speaking to, some of the world’s top organisations, entrepreneurs and peak performers. Not only is Steve a best selling author, broadcaster and businessman but he is also a consultant, coach and trainer for a host of organisations including Pets at Home, Muller, ITV, Coca-Cola and Harrods.

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It seemed like most of the group were really taking note of what he said and he had the main man chuckling! Personally, I was delighted at how well you nailed the mood of the day. I was confident you would, but you really did exceed my expectations. I love the style and delivery and it really worked with our team.

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