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Simon Shepard

Simon Shepard

Simon Shepard can be best described as a disruptive innovator and as a Chartered Physiotherapist by profession, he has worked in professional sport since 1991 primarily at Lord’s cricket ground with Middlesex CCC and The MCC.

In 2008 Simon co-founded Optima-life, a company that specialises in combining technology and coaching to help organisations and individuals become more resilient, productive and purposeful.  His mission is to provide a symbiotic learning culture between the sporting, corporate and health worlds, and he has worked with clients across a variety of sectors around the globe from world class individual sports people to leading blue chip companies.

Simon has also supplied medical support and therapy for The London Towers basketball team, The All England Badminton Championships and television shows such as World’s Strongest Man, Superstars and Gladiators.

He is still actively involved in the delivery of performance and health strategy at Lord’s cricket ground, where he has worked for the past 25 years, and is an accomplished speaker and coach, and lectures internationally on health and performance related subjects. When not working is typically found refereeing rugby matches.

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