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Simeon Courtie

Simeon Courtie

Simeon has been a BBC radio and television presenter for over 25 years, learning his broadcasting skills in BBC local radio before presenting a multitude of live and recorded TV programmes on BBC1 and ITV.

Simon continues to be a regular presenter on the national All England show networked across all BBC local radio stations in the evening. As well as presenting, he’s produced and directed television series and written several successful TV formats. Prior to his broadcasting career, Simeon qualified as a mechanical engineer, to which he credits his ability to communicate complex information in an engaging, easy to understand way.

His experience communicating as a broadcaster was a great asset when pitching television formats to senior global clients, which he did for Ludus Entertainment winning commissions from Channel 4, Mentorn and Endemol. His live network television experience and ability to remain cool under pressure make him a popular event host, his biggest success being as sole stage compère for UB40’s concert at Bowood House, Wiltshire, keeping 20,000 people entertained and engaged throughout the day.

Simeon has been a successful writer since 2008, as a team writer on the BBC1 show Have I Got News For You, winning a New York Festival award for his sketches on the forces station BFBS, and more recently as the author of the humorous travel book The Long and Whining Road, which won 5 international book awards. To have such a level of expertise in these three areas – broadcasting, pitching and writing – makes Simeon a rare asset to those wishing to improve their communication skills.

His warm, friendly nature and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge will put you completely at ease while arming you with practical tools and tips learned through decades of working in the communication industry.

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