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Sean Conway

Sean Conway

In 2015, Sean Conway became the first and only person in history to complete the Great British Triathlon: cycling, swimming and then running the length of Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats – a swim previously considered impossible. In 2016, Sean took on an even bigger challenge: a self-supported continuous Ultra Triathlon around the coast of Britain.

Sean’s development into an endurance adventurer was neither easy nor straight-forward.  His first challenge was an attempt to break the world record for cycling around the world. After three weeks, Sean was ahead of schedule averaging 180 miles a day. His dreams were shattered in America when a driver hit him causing severe whiplash, concussion, torn ligaments and a compression fracture to his spine. Despite this, Sean continued, dropping his daily mileage and changing his goal to get back to London in time for the Olympics and to raise money for charity.  He made it back with one week to spare, having covered 16,000 miles – 12,000 of these miles with an injured spine.

Sean then wanted to prove that he could achieve a world record, and become the first person to swim the length of Britain. He emerged from the sea and wrote history on 11 November 2013 after 135 days and an extraordinary 900-mile swim.  It remains one of the great endurance swims of the century, and the resulting documentary on Discovery Channel won Sean many new fans for his courage and humour.

Sean tailors his talks to meet the topics and themes of the event, they are always memorable and entertaining.  He delivers powerful messages around setting outrageous goals, coping with setbacks, maintaining a positive attitude and staying motivated when it gets tough, using social media to develop support for his extreme adventures and succeeding against the odds.

Sean has written several books about his adventures including Hell and High Water: One Man’s Attempt to Swim the Length of Britain (2015).

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We have asked Sean to speak to a number of different audiences and have found him to be inspirational to a wide range of people – from staff to business owners to entrepreneurs. His attitude is so inspiring and he refuses to let anything get in his way – determined to achieve his goals, despite the many barriers put in his way. His exploits are amazing and he delivers his stories in a very amusing and natural way – you can’t help but like him and be amazed at what he has achieved. And he is very real, open and honest about his adventures and the setbacks along the way.

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