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Rebecca Romero MBE

Rebecca Romero MBE

Rebecca Romero MBE is a unique athlete. She is one of only two women to have ever won Olympic medals in two different sports (Rowing 2004 and Cycling 2008), and the only Briton, male or female to do so.

An Olympic silver medallist and World Champion in the sport of rowing, in 2005 Rebecca took up cycling with the aim of achieving the same elite standard. She shattered British records and became double World Champion and Olympic Champion all within two and a half years in the sport. This made her the first British athlete and only the second woman in history to medal in two different sports.

Rebecca’s tremendous success in both rowing and cycling is proof that determination, ability and sheer hard work can allow you to fulfil your dreams. Her vivid story of how she became the first British woman ever to compete in two different sports at the Olympic Games is highly motivating, inspiring and respected.

What sets Rebecca Romero apart from other motivational speakers is her ability to outline the many parallels between business performance and sporting excellence by outlining her framework for high performance, and how her no-compromise approach was critical to her success. She emphasises how we can all be winners and what we need to do, and she challenges and motivates the audience to make themselves the best that they can be. Rebecca is an articulate speaker and gives an honest account of her story.

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Rebecca presents her story of her extraordinary achievement of winning Olympic medals in two separate sports. She delivers this in a very natural way and there is a vulnerability about her which makes her very engaging. She is very emotional which is great because the Olympics is all about emotion and passion. All these things made her very believable and authentic.

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