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Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch is a British conductor, actor, writer and comedian known for his comical take on classical music. He has toured in more than 30 countries and has broadcast extensively, principally for the BBC.

Rainer Hersch is unique – he is both an internationally recognised conductor and a stand-up comic who has regularly closed the show at London’s famous Comedy Store. In music, he has worked with some of the great ensembles of the world – conducting orchestras from the London Philharmonia to the St Petersburg Philharmonic and Queensland Symphony.

In his inspirational talk he presents structured module titled “Peak Performance – what can business learn from a symphony orchestra”. He uses his skills as a comedian, a PowerPoint presentation and plenty of musical examples to completely engage the audience in his discussion of leadership from the standpoint of the orchestral conductor.

Key messages include:


-Building trust & teamwork

-Encouraging passion & commitment

-Creating and communicating a vision Defining values

-Leadership styles & making the best use of available resources 

-Managing the process of change

-Guarding and enhancing a reputation


Click here and here to watch Rainer in action

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Rainer Hersch was superb, a resounding success. Firstly, his preparation was greatly appreciated. He set up the night before and had a lot of the cables/equipment with him which helped the technical crew. He was punctual on the day which helped alleviate our nerves. Then, he delivered to the brief on the day – for sure. We are very pleased with his keynote speech. The hour seemed to fly by as he inspired and entertained the audience with interactive dialogue – what a great performance!  He put on a great show.

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