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Professor Richard Wiseman

Professor Richard Wiseman

Richard currently holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire. He researches the psychology of luck, change, perception and deception, and his work has been published in leading academic journals.

Richard has presented keynote addresses about the psychology of luck and change to organisations around the world, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and the Swiss Economic Forum. Richard has written several bestselling books including The Luck Factor, Quirkology, and 59 Seconds.

His presentations include:

The Luck Factor: Why do some people lead happy successful lives whilst others face repeated failure and sadness? Why are some people always in the right place at the right time, while others are always unlucky? Discover the results of his work and find out how ‘The Luck Factor’ can change your life.

Night School: Richard Wiseman is on a mission to put the world to sleep.  For the past year, he has explored the new science of sleep and dreaming, conducted experiments into sleep-learning, and assembled the world’s largest archive of dream reports.  Join Wiseman as he uncovers the power of the sleeping mind, revealing how you can get the perfect night’s sleep, decode your dreams, and improve your life without moving a muscle.

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