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Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman spent the last 25 years working as an entrepreneur and technology investor, mostly focusing on investments and business development in emerging markets, instrumentation, nanotechnology, computing, new materials and new media art, currently through close to 15 direct and indirect investments.

Nicklas admits to making lots of mistakes, being responsible for epic failures and lucky enough to be part of some successes along the way. Over the years he’s said no to investments that turned into unicorns and spent way too much time in endless meetings.

A couple of years ago he cleared his schedule and embarked on a journey to understand where technology is taking us and if we are ready for the upcoming tech storm. Today he divides his time between existing and new technology investments, a couple of his own skunkworks projects and speaking and writing on the future of technology and business.

Nicklas is a strategic advisor to European Commissioner Carlos Moedas and the European Innovation Council, working on a new innovation strategy for Europe. He’s also Scandinavian representative of the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC, working with the World Economic Forum on the 4th industrial revolution (4IR) and a member of both the World Future Society and the Long Now Foundation.

As a writer,  he’s very interested in the merger of technology, society and business, and in 2016 published a book on how to deal with new technologies from a business perspective: Surviving the Tech Storm – Strategy in Times of Technological Uncertainty. Nicklas believes with the conviction that technology is probably the strongest driver of change today, it’s obvious that anyone in a management position, or aspirations to eventually be in that position, must understand how technology is changing business from the ground up.

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Nicklas skillfully blended his experiences as a high-technology investor, nanotechnology expert and entrepreneur to deliver a fascinating and inspiring keynote address on technology revolution.

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