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Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales is an Elite Sport Sleep Coach & Managing Director.

A former PGA Professional Golfer, International Sales & Marketing Director of a major sleep product manufacturer and Chairman of the UK Sleep Council. Nick has been at the forefront of projecting sleep recovery into the world of Elite Sport. Instigating conversation amongst leading sport and business professionals since 1998, he is an advocate of using recovery to advance performance.

Nick is the leading elite sport sleep coach to the biggest names in the sporting world, including British Cycling and Team Sky’s recording-breaking cyclists, top Premiership and international football teams and players, Rugby Union and Rugby League, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes. He has thirty years’ experience in the world of sleep science and has spent sixteen years working with elite athletes. His proven approach to achieving the optimum night’s sleep is endorsed by leading professionals in sport and business.

A passionate speaker, his internationally acclaimed seminars and appearances, redefine peoples attitudes towards sleep constantly, making him regarded as the world’s leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach.

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