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Leandro Herrero

Leandro Herrero

Leandro Herrero is a CEO, Chief Organisation Architect. He heads The Chalfont Project, a UK based international consulting firm. As a speaker Leandro has been voted ‘Best Speaker’ at a variety of conferences worldwide.

Leandro and his team are in the business of creating remarkable organisations, organisations ‘worth remembering’ with stories worth telling. The “behavioural DNA” which makes an organisation remarkable, resilient, ahead of the game and ever changeable is his personal passion.

Leandro has pioneered Viral Change a people Mobilizing Platform in organizations, which is at the forefront of creating profound, large scale, behavioural change in organisations and communities, and is acknowledged as the real alternative to traditional and unsuccessful change interventions. Author of several books and publications, his most recent titles include: Viral Change, The Leader with Seven Faces, Disruptive Ideas and New Leaders Wanted.

Dr Herrero’s primary focus of work is the creation of cutting edge organizational architectures based upon three pillars: an Enabling Design, a Mobilizing Platform (Viral Change ) and Leadership for Collective Action.

Leandro Herrero is frequently voted ‘Best Speaker’ at conferences worldwide, with audiences ranging from 100 to 500 people. He also speaks to Boards and Leadership Teams, participates in other internal company conferences as a keynote speaker and is available to run short seminars and longer workshops. The topics of Leandro Herrero’s presentations and workshops relate to his work as an organisational architect.

Workshop Information

Leandro is organizational architect. He is in the quest for Building Remarkable Organizations. This is at the core of his consulting work, whether translated into leadership, management of change (particularly large scale behavioural change) organizational strategy or management innovation. In his workshops, Leandro explains and encourages ‘viral change’™, a practise dedicated to the creation and implementation of large-scale behavioural and cultural change. Leandro delivers short, high impact organizational interventions (one day or two) exclusively designed and now for the first time offered to practitioners who want to use new, differentiated and exclusive tools in areas such as accelerating change, innovation, team alignment, leadership or cross-collaboration.

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Dr Herrero is a brilliant speaker, one of a kind. He will grab an audience and shake it up, demonstrating what a difference an engaging presentation can make: you will be wide awake, full of inspiration and convinced you can change things to the better. He is a most valuable addition to any conference aiming to make a lasting impression.

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