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Ken Way

Ken Way

Ken Way has been working to improve the performance of individuals and teams in the worlds of business and sport for more than thirty years.

Having worked with coaches and players of many elite sports teams including Leicester City, the English Premier League 2015/16 Champions, Ken Way has had the opportunity as a performance psychologist to identify some key characteristics of approaches that contribute to excellence in team performance.

His career includes three years work as a research psychologist in the human performance arena and this, coupled with qualifications and experience in a wide range of approaches, enables him to help others gain vastly improved levels of performance.

During his presentations, Ken reveals how critical dimensions of team performance can be enhanced by focusing on both positive and negative sides of human behaviour – ensuring, for example, that marginal gains don’t become marginal losses.

Audiences are quickly led into assessing themselves on a number of searching concepts and there are moments where a ‘lighter touch’ is provided by means of short, humorous video clips – though it should be said that Ken himself is an energetic and entertaining speaker.

His relaxed and highly adaptable approach allows him to work effectively with individuals and teams with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

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The most personally insightful, well choreographed, subject specific course I have ever attended. Ken wove his magic on the entire course and all of us had extremely powerful experiences.

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    High Performing Teams, Leadership, Marginal Gains, Performance, Teamwork

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