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Kate Ancketill

Kate Ancketill

An expert on what’s coming next in the world, Kate Ancketill heads up a team of researchers utilised by companies around the globe to give them the winning edge.

Kate has been the inspirational owner of GDR Creative Intelligence since 2000. She is the driving force behind its dedication to presenting actionable concepts that can transform clients’ businesses. She speaks at conferences around the world, encouraging big retailers to be as excited about innovation as she is. She currently works with an impressive roster of major global brands. Highly regarded, dynamic, and commercial, Kate has won the Jennifer d’Abo Memorial Scholarship for female entrepreneurs and been selected as one of the UK’s top 100 in the Courvoisier Future 500.

Kate is a highly sought after keynote speaker and consultant. Drawing upon her network of creative industry contacts, Kate provides credible insights on the technological, human and spatial innovations that will change the face of retail and hospitality over the next two to five years. She uses carefully curated case studies to illustrate how new technologies and consumer behaviours will impact physical and digital commerce; case studies discovered by GDR’s expert research team, or drawn from her global network – honed over 22 years – of leading engineers, programmers, designers, architects, marketers, scientists, academics and other specialist practitioners.

Her presentations are eye-opening, informative and inspirational, and Kate shares insights on the technological, human, digital and physical innovations that will change the face of retail, hospitality, finance and industry over the next two to five years.

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Kate was fantastic. We received lots of positive feedback about her presentation from our customers so we are very happy.

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  • Price Range:

    £4,000 - £8,000

    Price based on UK delivery

  • Categories:

    Business, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Topics:

    Consumer Behaviour, Creative Thinking, Retail, Women in Business

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