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John Amaechi OBE

John Amaechi OBE

John Amaechi OBE is a leading psychologist, organisational consultant and high-performance executive coach. He is a New York Times best-selling author and a former NBA basketball player. He is also a senior fellow at the Applied Centre for Emotional Literacy, and one of our most in-demand thought leaders.

Since retirement from sport, John Amaechi OBE works with organisations in the US and Europe, from the business, educational, sporting and philanthropic fields, to help them assess, manage, maximise and retain their human capital. John is also sought-after for his contribution to helping brands understand how to energise and use cause marketing and corporate social responsibility as a client & personnel engagement tool.

John’s approach to organisations is to analyse personnel and strategy, facilitate intra-organisational communication and tackle problems that diminish cohesion and performance. He uses a unique diagnostic process that allows clients to quickly get to the heart of their challenges and set new, challenging targets. His work helps organisations to make significant step changes and there continuously improve.

In the UK, John has his own charitable sports and community centre with more than 2,500 young people per week going through its doors receiving schooling in sport, leadership and life skills.

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John has a great story. His talk stimulated lots of discussion and was clear and inspirational.

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