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Jo Howarth

Jo Howarth

With over 20 years of studying mindfulness and hypnotherapy, Jo Howarth believes it is a simple choice – that everyone can choose happiness every day.

Unlike many experts, she appreciates that dealing with juggling family life, busy careers and unexpected life events can threaten to steal our joy from time to time. Jo’s mission is to teach people the tools and techniques that will show them the path to their own happiness, whatever their definition may be, so that each and every day they can choose happiness, just like she does.

She works with organisations that are committed to changing the way their employees feel and therefore work. She works alongside many corporate companies and public sector organisations as well as holding private workshops. She also works within schools to teach students techniques to develop their own resilience to stress and believes this should be as important as learning your ABCs.

Prior to her life as a Happiness Expert, Jo was an Event Manager for 12+ years and in that time dealt with a fair amount of stress! It was after undertaking hypnotherapy and mindfulness teachings that she learnt to change the way she thought about life and handled stress. This was the turning point for her and she realised she needed to show other people how to do this too. She published two books in September 2016 – Glad to be Dan – a book aimed at Children and how they can manage their emotions and Get Happy – a book for adults with a page a day of a Happiness thought, technique or tool. Both books appeared in the Amazon Bestseller list.

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Jo gets people thinking when she is talking to them, stirs up their emotions and encourages reactions. Known as inspiring, insightful and bubbly, groups always warm to her and come away from sessions feeling uplifted. Jo’s fusion of real life experiences mixed with her wealth of knowledge of tools, thoughts and techniques to apply to your own life, means that she connects to audiences in an intimate and personal way. Attendees say they feel calmer, more relaxed, inspired, motivated and happy after attending workshops with Jo!

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Jo really gets you thinking about your actions, your thoughts and your responsibilities not only to yourself but others.

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