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Jim Steele

Jim Steele

Jim Steele is one of the most charismatic motivational speakers in the business world today. He has addressed hundreds of organisations throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia, each time demonstrating his proven ability to deliver material that motivates, educates, inspires and entertains. 

He began his career as a life insurance salesman. However, by his own admission, his early performance was decidedly average. When ’shadowing’ one of the company’s peak performers he made a discovery that would re-shape his whole life. He realised there are definable strategies of mindset and behaviour that that can propel an average performer towards excellence.

Jim is fascinated by the nature of peak performance. So much so, that he has spent much of the last decade working with highly successful individuals from business and from the world of sport, seeking to understand how these people perform consistently at the highest level. He shares cutting edge performance strategies and offers delegates the necessary tools to apply these methods to any area of their life.

Jim’s passion for excellence and charismatic presence has led him to address audiences worldwide, and his energy, insight and great sense of humour creates a massive impact whenever he in on stage.

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As a speaker, you were not only entertaining and motivating, but you also posses the ability to completely captivate your audience. Each of your strategies I can only hope to convey to my team with the same emotion and passion.

The event was an enormous success and it was Jim’s session that the delegates still remember most readily. They are still talking about the philosophies he presented. He has had such a positive impact on the team and we look forward to delivering extraordinary results. GlaxoSmithKline.

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