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Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker is the founder of the Provenance. Based in London they are revolutionising supply chain transparency and product trust using a new technology called the blockchain. Provenance works with suppliers, brands and certifiers to enable every product to come with an open, secure record of it’s journey.

Jessi is an Art and Science hybrid, with a Master’s in Engineering from Cambridge University and Design from the Royal College of Art. Across the US and Europe, she has worked with brands on technology strategy including Adidas, The Four Seasons, The Guggenheim Museum,  British Airways and Will.I.Am. She is an associate researcher at the Intel Institute for Sustainable Cities and a regular speaker on technology and social business.

Jessi regularly speaks at conferences and tech events on the subject of Future Technology and Social Impact. She tries to encourage more women and girls to get into technology through her project

Jessi also consults and gives talks within businesses on the future of the Internet (blockchain, Internet of Things and open data) particularly in relation to product innovation, brand and supply chain. She is a regular speaker on technology and social business, having spoke at Ted events and for ASOS Likes, WIRED, NEXT and The British Academy, to name a few.

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