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Javier Bajer

Javier Bajer

A great believer in instigating lasting change, Javier Bajer has managed the cultures of some of the biggest names in the world including Google and Buckingham Palace.

Having lived in nine different countries, and been raised in Argentina in a Russian family, Javier has a rather good grip on culture in general. However, his work managing the cultures of some of the biggest names in the world is what drives him in his belief that building and changing a company’s culture is often the key to long-term success.

Javier has worked on projects with Google, The Royal Household at Buckingham Palace and Manhattan Governors to name but a few. The work involved reshaping the culture; beliefs, expectations, and day to day running all came under this umbrella and it was Javier who drove the fresh outlook through for success. Javier is also founding CEO of The Talent Foundation and former Senior Executive at Accenture in London and has helped many global organisations exceed their business objectives through the transformation of their cultures.

As well as this, Javier holds a PhD in the area of Behavioural Change and an MSc in Neurosciences. Using a 100 Day Journey template which delegates continue to add to after the day, Javier aims to instigate long-term change. His presentations are not simply about his life and experiences, but about engaging the audience to kick-start their own process of change. High impact and long-lasting, Javier’s methods can be the spark needed to re-energise a company.

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His approach to Leadership Development has had a significant and positive effect on the way I behave, and on the way I deal with work challenges. I have also seen that it has started to change how many other leaders in our organisation work and deal with each other.

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