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James Mullan

James Mullan

James Mullan is a Senior Consultant at GDR Creative Innovation, helping clients and consumers identify shifting and emerging trends in people’s behaviours and attitudes, and their evolving relationships with brands and retailers drawing on his professional experience.

James began his career as a journalist, gaining extensive experience internationally in all forms of media, from printed magazines to TV (with a tonne of a digital thrown in to boot). Working regularly with some the world’s best-known brands, it wasn’t long before the different ways that companies and communities told their stories became his passion. He made the switch to work agency-side, handling diverse accounts from motorcycling manufacturers to payment providers, exploring ever-more innovative ways to connect with customers.

As the expectations of consumers in the emerging omnichannel world grew, James shifted his focus to retail and hospitality, where he now delivers actionable insight as a Senior Consultant for GDR Creative Intelligence. He works with many of the world’s biggest names to capture the imagination of customers, whichever way they choose to shop. The unification of physical and digital experiences has been their challenge – and his fascination – throughout.

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