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Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson

Through his award-winning business, Successfactory™, Graham Wilson has been at the forefront of leadership development, imparting his wisdom for over 20 years. Through a pragmatic approach, he makes the complex simple and ensures the methods and techniques taught are constantly evolving to adapt to our ever-changing world.

Having founded and run Successfactory™ for over 20 years, Graham is still very much at the heart of the business. As well as managing the direction on a daily basis, Graham also delivers senior level leadership programmes and develops future products and offers. Being forward thinking is key to this, ensuring that he develops what he believes businesses need rather than what they think they want.

Graham Wilson uses his extensive knowledge and first-hand experience of developing many great leaders, to offer an exceptionally clear framework and path to leadership success. From SME’s, social enterprises and public sector organisations through to household names and global brands. His tried and tested leadership system is pragmatic and hands-on, transforming the workplace and delivering extraordinary results.

Continuously asked for a means for people to access his teaching whenever they want, Graham Wilson has recently released his first in a series of books. Leadership Laid Bare! is available through international retailer Amazon and is already proving to be a ‘must have’ for leaders of every description.

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Having worked with Graham a number of times he is a pleasure to be around. Motivating, articulate and good humoured Graham is a great Leadership coach and mentor and is one of the most positive and engaging people I have met working in this arena. He is down to earth and provides practical guidance on how to get the best from yourself and your team. He also has great stories and anecdotes and is great at reading the room and bringing a team together. It was a pleasure working with Graham

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