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Gina Battye

Gina Battye

Gina is a world-renowned Authenticity and LGBT+ Trainer and Consultant for Fortune 500s and leading global organisations.

A trusted resource, expert voice and ‘go to person’ for comment and interview for the mainstream press (such as the BBC) and a regular columnist for leading LGBT+ and mainstream magazines worldwide, Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights and specialist knowledge.
Hot topics Gina comments on: bringing all of who you are to work (authenticity), LGBT+ Inclusion: specifically transgender and non-binary and LGBT+ relationships.
As a presenter, Gina has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver original and useful insights that lead to individuals showing up as their whole self at work.

As a result, individuals execute their best work, teams achieve outstanding results and organisations becoming unbeatable.

Gina is passionate about helping leading global organisations create a culture where employees can be their authentic self in the workplace, where people can come to work and be their true self, feel celebrated, supported and as a result perform better.

Organisations all around the world report that Gina unleashes the highest potential of people and develops ALL employees to bring all of who they are to work; be it through her bespoke training or workshops, coaching programmes or as a consultant.

When everyone in your organisation feels able to bring all of themselves to work, the impact on inclusion, productivity, creativity & innovation is HUGE.

Unlocking creativity, deepening the connection between employees and bringing ALL of you to work, Gina supports your company to reach its strategic objectives fast.

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Gina recently hosted a session for us around being your authentic self in the workplace. Inclusion creates a culture where people can come to work & be their true self, feel celebrated & supported & perform better. Our colleagues who attended left feeling inspired & more engaged with the business & Gina kindly offered colleagues a follow-up session free! The feedback we had from colleagues has been amazing & we are hoping to do more work with Gina in the future. Any business serious about Diversity & Inclusion would aim to create a culture where people can perform & be their personal best. This was a great session on the journey to achieving that.

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    £3,000 - £6,500

    Price based on UK delivery

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    Business, Diversity & Inclusion, Event Host, Inspiration, Motivation

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    Cultural Change, Employee Engagement, Inspirational, Leadership, LGBT, Mindset, Personal Development, Unconscious Bias, Women in Business

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