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Fraser Doherty MBE

Fraser Doherty MBE

Regarded as “One of the UK’s leading motivational speakers”, Fraser Doherty MBE started his incredible business career at the age of just fourteen.  After being taught how to make jam by his Grandmother, he came up with a way of making jam from 100% fruit. Fraser has since gone on to co-found Beer52, Ferment Magazine & Envelope Coffee.

At sixteen, Fraser Doherty presented his brand, SuperJam, to Waitrose and went on to become the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket. SuperJam has since grown into a company that has sold many millions of jars through thousands of supermarkets around the world.  As well as being a commercial success, the business has invested in successful charitable projects – running hundreds of free tea parties for the elderly in Europe, Korea and Australia and setting up community beehives in the UK and Korea. SuperJam is exhibited in the National Museum of Scotland as an ‘Iconic Scottish Brand’, that has won over 20 innovation awards and been the subject of several  TV documentaries.

Fraser went on to co-found Beer52, the world’s largest and fastest-growing craft beer club, with over 50,000 members. Beer52 is expert-selected beers delivered to your door every month, using exclusive, small-batch beers from around the world. Fraser also co-founded Ferment Magazine, the UK’s leading craft alcohol magazine which is distributed in 1,500 newsagents around the world and included in all of Beer52’s deliveries.

Fraser has been commended by HRH Prince Charles and the Prime Minister at Downing Street. He has shared his incredible story at more than 600 conferences in 27 countries around the world, as well as in his best-selling book SuperBusiness – published in UK, US, Australia, Korea and Japan. Fraser travels 365 days a year, living nowhere permanently, running his company remotely – he is a true example of a pioneer of virtual working and cloud solutions.

Fraser has given motivational and humorous after-dinner speeches for a variety of major brands including IBM, Nintendo, KPMG, Accenture, Barclay’s, HSBC, Allianz, Exact, Etsy, Kraft, RBS, Bank of England, Scottish Parliament, Unilever, Centrica, O2, Telefonica, British Council, The NHS.

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Fraser supported the RFU Strategic Plan launch event at Twickenham in September 2017 and the service from Raise the Bar and working with Fraser himself was refreshing from the get-go. Fraser’s talk was inspirational and humorous, and for someone who has achieved so much at such a young age was incredibly humble with it, and his story really struck a chord with our workforce – demonstrating how ambition alongside innovation and resilience can really get you to where you want to be. I couldn’t recommend Fraser enough to deliver at a similar session.

“Fraser spoke at our annual team event and it’s safe to say that his session was one of the stand out moments of the day. The keynote he delivered was fitting for the event and the audience were very interested in his background and how much he has achieved. He was happy to stay for lunch and team activities afterwards and also took time to talk with different members of the team. Fraser is an excellent presenter and his story is captivating”

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