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Dr Tara Swart

Dr Tara Swart

Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-winning author and a medical doctor. Tara works with global leaders to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance, improving their ability to manage stress, regulate emotions and retain information.

Tara regularly speaks at global conferences, blue chip organisations and top business schools. Previous talks include TED x in São Paulo, Financial Times and Sky conference on Neuroscience in Sports and Business, Leaders in Sport Summit in London and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Some of her specialist subjects include:

Neuroscience for leadership (resilience, diversity of thinking, culture for success, mindsets and mindfulness)

Leading sustainable performance (focuses on the neuroendocrinology of stress and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being)

Your brain on money (the neuroscience of financial risk-taking and decision-making)

Technology and the future of the brain and business (the science behind how technology impacts your brain, and how to maximise the opportunities and mitigate the risks).

Imposter Syndrome (the neuroscience behind feeling like a fraud despite objective success, and how to overcome this).

Tara works closely with her clients to ensure that her speeches are relevant, thought-provoking and produce tangible results. Because of the far-reaching benefits of neuroscience, Tara’s speeches are relevant for all businesses, industries and audiences.

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Tara’s workshops are fantastic and thought provoking, especially for us finance people who need to access a more creative/ values-based/ intuitive side of our brain. I can still remember what she talked about – impressive as most management chat goes in one ear and out of the other. Tara would enhance any Leadership programme

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  • Price Range:

    £20,000 - £25,000

    Price based on UK delivery

  • Categories:

    Business, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellbeing

  • Topics:

    Applied Neuroscience, Leadership, Mindfulness, Psychology and Mindset, Resilience, Science, Technology, Unconscious Bias, Women in Business

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