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Dr Paul Redmond

Dr Paul Redmond

With almost 30 years of working in the employment and education sector, Dr Paul Redmond has established himself as the employment and generations guru.

Currently employed as the Director of Student Experience and Enhancement at the University of Liverpool, Paul’s career includes the former Director of Student Life at the University of Manchester, the ex-president of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services and the former Director of Employability and Educational Opportunities at the University of Liverpool.

With a doctorate in Educational Sociology, Paul knows everything that needs to be known about generations X, Y and Z, the graduate labour market, and how companies and organisations can establish, develop and maintain an engaged workforce. His research into how organisations can position themselves to attract and engage with all generations – both now and in the future – has garnered widespread praise and provided him with opportunities to work with some of the world’s leading organisations.

With an in-depth understanding of what motivates today’s young professionals, Paul’s insights into how employers can maximise the benefits of a Generation Y workforce brings him into contact with recruiters in sectors ranging from financial services to public health organisations. He has presented to hundreds of conferences, both in the UK and globally, and has provided consultancy to the European Union, the British Council, the UK Government and organisations such as the NHS, the Australian Health Service, KPMG, Pega-Systems, Barclays Wealth, Mills & Reeve and Microsoft.

Paul is the author of numerous books including the best-selling “The Graduate Careers Formula,” “Talking about my Generation,” and “A Parent’s Guide to Graduate Jobs”. He also contributes to a number of publications including The Economist, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and many company in-house publications. A frequent contributor to radio and TV programmes, Paul recently collaborated with the BBC and Tiger Aspect on a documentary looking at the impact of social class on the graduate job market, entitled “Who gets the best jobs?”

Paul’s energy and passion for his area of expertise is a constant feature of the keynote speeches he delivers. His real-life examples stimulate his audience and provide them with ideas they can understand, interpret and take away for future use.
Paul’s keynote topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding and interpreting generational differences
  • Managing you and your staff effectively in an evolving workspace
  • Preparing the workforce and workplace for 2020
  • Successful management of the increasing workforce age gap
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Paul had the audience completely hooked from the moment he started speaking – he definitely struck a chord. I’ve heard him speak three times now and have been hugely impressed.

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