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At the age of 16 a very dyslexic Doddz was successfully running his own graphic design business securing a range of clients including James Corden before moving to Stoke-On-Trent in 2016 to attend University. Over the next three years he became an anonymous street artist promoting inspiring local stories which gained international media attention who coined the term ‘positive vandalism’.

In his final year at University he created the no.1 tourist attraction in Stoke-On-Trent entitled Trail & Error, an art trail made up of street art pieces, three sold out exhibitions and a documentary about his double life which hundreds attended the premiere. Shortly after University Doddz went viral with a video of him paying his parents mortgage off with the money he made from Trail & Error at his own graduation. His work over those three years was later credited for bringing pride back to the city and inspiring Stoke-On-Trent to bid for City of Culture.

Since then Doddz has travelled all over the world, always creating, always learning and now resides in Manchester were he continues to push out his message of positivity through his art and paints custom jackets for the likes of Childish Gambino, Raheem Sterling, Big Narstie, Charlie Sloth, Bugzy Malone, Demi Stokes, Lady Leshurr and The Fat Jewish to name a few

What would my talk be about?

Doddz is short for ‘Defy the Oddz’ and that is my message to the world, I believe from the bottom of my heart anyone can achieve anything they set out to do. The sad situation is that a lot of people grow up in non supportive environments, they’re told they’ll never make it or they’re not good enough and I’m here to tell them that they can if they have the courage and resilience to never give up.

I don’t think we should accept our surroundings and consistently promote the idea of challenging convention. I believe my life will be an example of that and my art will live on longer than me to inspire those after I’m gone. It’s for this reason that my talks promote this motivational message that will hopefully impact others by promoting a positive mindset change. The talk would be lessons I’ve learnt on my own personal journey and ideas I promote about not accepting the way things are the way that things have to be, whether that be your personal or professional life I believe everyone deserves better.

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    Inspiration, Motivation

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