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David Murrin

David Murrin

David Murrin is a highly regarded speaker with twenty-three years’ experience in the directional trading of markets and has been speaking widely on financial markets at corporate events for the last 10 years.

David co-founded EmVest in 2006, resulting in the launch of Emergent’s African Land Fund in 2008, acting as its Chairman until 2011. The fund managed investments on behalf of large intuitional investors and was one of the first movers into the space that combined the compelling themes of agriculture in Africa, socially responsible investing and economic sustainability.

David is also a keen military historian, a personal passion which has fuelled years of research and been instrumental in helping him to construct a macro view of geopolitics in the coming decades, from which his book ‘Breaking the Code of History’ takes its themes. The theories that are examined in this book have clear applications not only to the wider geopolitical picture, but also the cycle of evolution of businesses and corporations. This book highlights the key factors in today’s changing world, as power shifts from the West to the East.

David speaks widely on the topics of his book, appearing regularly as a keynote speaker on television and company boards. David’s career has been characterised by his energy and insight, now offering audiences practical insights into the forces for the transformation of the world’s power systems.

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StatPro needed a compelling and engaging speaker for our Cloud Summit event in London and David
delivered on all fronts. David’s presentation was very interesting and delivered with enthusiasm and style;
we have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients and staff.

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