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Christer Holloman

Christer Holloman

Christer Holloman is a Digital Business Change Consultant & Bestselling author. As well as this, Christer is the Former Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times, responsible for award-winning apps. Christer also writes for Sky, GQ and The Guardian.

Christer Holloman holds a BSc in Business and is currently completing his MBA at the University of Oxford, is a member of the National Union of Journalists and certified Competent Communicator by Toastmaster International. As author of the Amazon bestseller ‘The Social Media MBA’ series and Chairman of First Tuesday, the UK’s largest network for high growth technology companies and their investors, Chris frequently writes and consults for a number of organisations, illustrating how they can make the most of the opportunities presented by new technologies.

What makes Holloman unique as a speaker is that he not only writes and talks about technology trends, but he regularly consults for major businesses and start-ups on how to take advantage and monetise these opportunities. This means he will not be providing theories, but instead tried and tested hands-on advice that will inspire and empower your delegates to take action.

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Whether he is running a workshop, delivering a keynote, or acting as a moderator or panellist, his message is always tailored to the client, the audience and the desired overall outcome of the event. In presentations, Chris showcases the best business use of new technologies by taking the audience on a journey via outposts such as Silicon Valley start-ups, tech buzz words, emerging customer and workforce trends, what’s next for social media and more.

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Christer provided us with a lively, relevant and insightful presentation, which sparked off a great debate within the group.

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