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Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris lost his son to suicide. He now focuses on talking to companies about suicide prevention, mental health awareness and neurodiversity.

Chris Brown considered he was living a ‘normal life’, until his son, aged 22, took his own life in early 2020. Suddenly, his ‘normal existence’, became anything but. Exploring mental health issues surrounding suicide, Chris is the author of the podcast “My Argument with Grief”, where he tries to unpick why it happened, and share his every day with those going through similar loss and find a way to reach out to young people with relatable anguish in their own lives.

Chris has a 33 year career in IT behind him, working for blue chip companies including the Bank of England and Atos. His career path was programme delivery and he was most recently Head of Programmes and Projects for Worldline, the multinational payments provider. He is a respected trouble-shooter, known for rescuing failing delivery operations. He has spent the last 10 years operating at board level.

He now focuses on supporting companies with their neurodiversity and mental health approaches, using his suicide experience to make it a very personal story.

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I want to say a huge thank you for yesterday, the feedback has been so positive and people have said thank you to you both over and over again for sharing your stories in such an authentic way. It has got people talking from across the business who wouldn’t normally even talk mental health, and I think the session made such a difference to so many to feel able to talk or ask for help, people have also said it made them pick up the phone to check in with others too and see how they really are. Inclusion Manager, TalkTalk

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