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Charlie Cannon

Charlie Cannon

For the last fifteen years, Charlie Cannon has worked and coached at the interface of leadership, performance and wellbeing with leaders from some of the most well-known brands in the world.

He specialises in helping leaders and teams build resilience, drive sustained performance and develop their greatest and often overlooked asset, their energy. A recent example of a keynote was to 500 leaders of Santander at the Guildhall, on ‘Embracing Change; how to build resilience in an uncertain world.’

Charlie has also recently worked with McKinsey, Deloitte, Tesco, HSBC Barclays, BP, Mars, Roche and Unilever. Before working in Corporations, Charlie was a successful personal trainer, where at one point he was training both an Oscar-winning actor and actress. Yet most of his clients were busy executives and he regularly got feedback that their performance at work had improved due to their increase in fitness and energy.

His passion for psychological resilience comes from struggling to perform under pressure and not realizing his dream of becoming a professional sportsman. As a schoolboy, he played Rugby for England and West of England hockey.

A traumatic car accident at twenty-one, that left him badly injured and his Sister on a life support machine, taught him that setbacks are our biggest opportunities for growth and development and we should rethink our attitude towards failure.

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I just wanted to send a short note to thank you for such awesome sessions at Guildhall yesterday. Both your delivery and content were spot on. You interpreted the brief perfectly, kept energies in the room up and was accessible to the whole room. I personally have a number of takeaways that I believe will help me develop. John Collins, our Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer, said that you were stand out. And thank you also for being so gracious with my time checks.

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    £2,000 - £4,000

    Price based on UK delivery

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    Business, Health & Wellbeing, Motivation

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    Change, Inspirational, Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Performance, Psychology and Mindset, Resilience, Teamwork

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