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Bianca Miller-Cole

Bianca Miller-Cole

Successful entrepreneur and former contestant on The Apprentice, Bianca now appears on broadcast media, is Ambassador for the UK domain family operated by Nominet, and the official “face” of the My 365 Microsoft Office business campaign for start-ups.

Serial entrepreneur Bianca launched ‘Bianca Miller London’, a new hosiery brand, stocked in leading retailers Topshop & QVC (to name a few), which has been created to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions. Bianca pitched this idea in the final of BBC business competition The Apprentice, in 2014, which was the springboard for the launch of Bianca Miller London.

In January 2016, Bianca was awarded the prestigious ‘Power Profile’ award from LinkedIn as one of the top 10 most powerful leaders on the networking platform. She was chosen from 20 million members in the UK and is joined in this list by household names like Richard Branson, James Caan and David Cameron.

Bianca is an engaging and inspiring speaker and her keynote topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up
    Including lessons from her forthcoming book; understand the key steps and top tips to building your business from inception to fruition, including the importance of building a credible online brand.
  • Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business
    Learn how to convert social media into revenue, effective time management and how to sell, grow and collaborate intelligently.
  • Personal Branding and High Impact Leadership
    An insight into the practical steps on how to build your personal brand and cultivate your network in order to influence and lead with impact. This is an interactive session which will include discussion of an individual’s PACK: Presentation, Approach, Communication and Knowledge.

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  • Price Range:

    £3,000 - £4,000

    Price based on UK delivery

  • Categories:

    Business, Inspiration, Motivation

  • Topics:

    Communication, Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Inspirational, Leadership, Resilience, Television

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