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Belinda Parmar OBE

Belinda Parmar OBE

Belinda helps prepare business leaders for a future in which the world is driven by two seemingly opposed forces: empathy and technology. With lessons learnt working in the most successful companies in the world including WPP, Lexus, Aston Martin and Barclays where she was Empathy-In-Residence, Belinda shares her insights into how companies can make work more meaningful and make customers happier. She is an expert in making change scalable and sustainable.

Having been a tech evangelist and founder of the Lady Geek company, Belinda has extensive experience in transforming company cultures through empathy and using technology as a force for good to avoid what she calls ‘Junk Tech’- low-value technology. She is also a speaker on empowering women and creating environments where women thrive. Her provocative views have been featured on the BBC and ITV news, as well as in the Financial Times, The Independent and Wired magazine.

Her new 2018 campaign #TheTruthAboutTech was profiled on the front page of The Guardian. Belinda has spoken to more than a quarter of a million business leaders in over 20 countries in the last 5 years. She also runs hostage negotiation workshops to train how to use empathy as a tool in conflict situations.

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Hostage Negotiation Workshops

This workshop is a practical, intense, hands-on session to dispel myths around empathy. It tests individual empathy skills in extreme conflict scenarios. Developing empathy skills with people you like or that are similar to you is easy and this workshop is about pushing your empathy skills in times of extreme conflict, in stressful situations, with those who are different from you. This workshop works extremely well with front-line teams, complaints teams, customer support, sales teams, company branch workers…anyone who has to deal with customers or conflict on a regular basis. This workshop will give you practical tips to cope better with the daily stresses of work.

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Every organisation and leader would benefit from the challenging business insight Belinda delivered. It made me realise how desensitised I’d become to the ‘norms of communication.’ It also took behavioural economics to a new level.

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