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Ardi Kolah

Ardi Kolah

Ardi Kolah started his career at the BBC, where he was a network radio reporter and BBC1 TV producer, before joining Andersen Consulting (Accenture) as its Chief Press Officer in Europe.

He has made a substantial contribution to the UK and international security and to individual and societal data protection in three areas: launch of the UK Resilience Centre in 2006, contribution to the UK Defence communications review in 2014, and in preparing both the public and private sectors for GDPR implementation from 2017 as well as his wider work on data protection and privacy through Henley Business School with an online GDPR programme using animation, voice over and graphics.

He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy and has operational experience for two NYSE-listed companies as DPO and is currently global privacy advisor for a health research organization in New York.

Ardi Kolah has recently commenced a PhD on data privacy law and is a Fellow of several institutes, including the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Also, he is an elected voting member of BAFTA and lives in SW London.

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Ardi brought fantastic energy and insight to our approach to communications and media engagement – my only regret is that he wasn’t around for longer to keep working on this complex and difficult area.

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