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Andrew Castle

Andrew Castle

Andrew Castle is one of the most experienced and respected live broadcasters in the UK following on from a successful career in tennis, which saw him rise to British number one. In addition, he had the greatest honour of representing Britain in the 1988 and 1992 Olympic games.

After leaving behind a successful tennis career, Andrew decided to try his hand at sports broadcasting. He has been witness to some of the great sporting moments as a broadcaster for Eurosport, Sky and the BBC, before moving into an unfamiliar role at GMTV.

During his tenure as a presenter, he received many plaudits for his work covering the Iraq war and the Al Queda bombings in Madrid. To add to his vast experience in sports and current affairs, he survived a gruelling month on ITV’s popular ‘71 Degrees North’.

Tennis laid the foundation for what has been an exceedingly successful and versatile career for Andrew, making him more than qualified to become a public speaker. His hugely entertaining, engaging and professional speaking manner has led to him becoming highly sought after for event hosting, personal appearances and motivational speaking. He draws on his vast experience of competing in and covering a variety of sports and also on his knowledge in current affairs gained from working with such names as Tony Blair, The Rolling Stones and Beyoncé.

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‘Andrew was entertaining, charming and a truly wonderful guest speaker. His presentation was exciting and he captures the audience with his spontaneity, wit and humour. It was a memorable day for us all.

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    £5,000 - £7,000

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    After Dinner, Event Host

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    Talent Development, Television

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