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Amy Beeton

Amy Beeton

Amy Beeton is the only living British female mountaineer to have attempted K2, the world’s most savage mountain, and one of only a handful of British women to have reached the summit of Everest.

In a decade of top-class mountaineering success across four continents, Amy’s expeditions have taken her from the Atlas Mountains to the Himalayas, from Alaska to the Annapurnas. In 2007 she reached the summit of Everest – amazingly, only weeks after undergoing major surgery. In 2009, a year that saw no summiteers on K2, Amy returned from an experience she describes as “haunting, tragic and exceptionally difficult on every level”.

A warm, witty and inspirational woman operating in a tough, male-oriented environment, Amy’s managerial background in the corporate world combined with her experience in meeting extreme challenges uniquely qualifies her to connect with both corporate and non-corporate audiences. Her tenacious will to succeed against the odds makes Amy the ideal conference speaker, able to inspire and equip men and women of all ages and backgrounds to realise their own ‘impossible dreams’.

Amy draws on her experiences in the mountains to show how the qualities needed in surviving life-or-death situations apply equally to overcoming major challenges in day-to-day life. Her humour and directness in recounting adventures that tested her to the physical and psychological limits leaves her audiences spellbound, stunned – and laughing. Amy challenges entrenched and negative thought processes and opens minds to new possibilities. She inspires and empowers people, from company chairmen to schoolchildren, to bring out the very best that is within them and make real changes in their lives.

Amy is also a qualified and practising Osteopath, and believes in working with the body’s own natural healing processes to return the musculoskeletal frame to a healthy function. She is a firm believer in overall health and wellbeing.

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Amy Beeton is a natural, inspirational, amusing, and uplifting speaker and a combination of her slides and her speaking style were utterly compelling. She had no difficulty in energising her audience and sending them back to work with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose.

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