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Amazin LeThi

Amazin LeThi

Amazin shares her personal journey of homelessness to becoming one of the most visible and influential LGBTQ+ advocates in the world.

Born in Saigon where she was left in an orphanage by her mother, Amazin is a transracial adoptee growing up in an all white background. She was bullied constantly as a young child and it was because of this she went into bodybuilding at the tender age of 6, going onto become a competitive bodybuilder in her teens and then qualifying as a strength and conditioning coach.

Amazin LeThi is a global Vietnamese LGBTQ+ sports and human rights advocate and thought leader. Amazin worked her way to the top with achievements that include, a former competitive bodybuilder, entertainment executive and the first Vietnamese internationally published fitness author. She has captured audiences with her story from the United Nations to Google and governments from around the world.

As a thought leader and through conversations, panel discussions and Q&As, Amazin shares her personal journey of homelessness to becoming one of the most visible and influential LGBTQ+ activists in the world. Her story was included in the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign and the first White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Asian anti-bullying campaign ‘Act to Change’.

GLAAD and NQAPIA have recognized Amazin for her contribution in accelerating LGBTQ+ sports equality and she has been listed in many mainstream articles for her contribution, these include, Australian Pride Power List, Out 100 List, Human Rights Campaign – Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Honours list, 2020 Go Magazine 100 Women We Love List and 2020 Global Changemakers. In 2014, Amazin became the first Asian Athlete Ally ambassador and at the end of 2019 became the first Stonewall UK sports champion ambassador. She is also a global ambassador for Vietnam Relief Services.

Amazin has been invited to launch, campaign and run global advocacy projects with governments and human rights campaign groups. In 2019, her work included the launch of both projects below in collaboration with the LGBTQ Institute at the National Centre for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.
• The first Asian Pride in the USA in Washington DC presented by the Capital Pride Alliance and the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs.
• The first Asian LGBTQ Southern Voices event in Georgia and UN LGBTQ Business Standards for the entire southern region of the USA with the UN.

In 2020, Amazin became the first Asian LGBTQ+ Athlete to be honoured at the Brooklyn Nets 4th Annual Pride Night at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn with the ‘Game Ball Delivery’.

During Pride Month 2020, Amazin partnered with (The Advocate) to host the first Pride Month Asian LGBTQ+ voices Instagram live series; her guests included out Asian Hollywood actors: B.D Wong, Leo Sheng, Leonardo Nam, Rain Valdez and Jake Choi. She was also part of the first 24-hour Global Pride 2020.

In 2021, Amazin will launch the Amazin LêThi Foundation with a flagship program to support and address LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness through leadership and development using sports as the platform for change.

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Your inspiring speech at our Top Global Employers launch 2018 perfectly articulated what it means to stand up for your beliefs. Hearing you so eloquently express the need for our audience to have the courage to continue to work for global LGBTQ+ equality conveyed how important it is that we commit to achieving acceptance for all. Your speech inspired many people to think more critically and work harder to advance equality in their workplaces. The launch would not have been such a success without your contribution. Chief Executive, Stonewall UK

Amazin visited our offices in London and gave an incredibly insightful talk on why global companies like RELX still face many challenges in ensuring their LGBTQ+ employees feel included and represented across the business, especially in regions like Asia. Amazin’s story of growing up gay in Asia and her struggle with acceptance in the Asian community really resonated with all our staff, including those from Asia who joined the event online. We’ve received nothing but praise from colleagues around the world who really connected with Amazin and were touched by her words. RBI Pride Co-lead, RELX Group

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