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Alexa Clay

Alexa Clay

Alexa Clay is a fresh voice with an edgy and thought-provoking message. A brilliant and engaging storyteller, she takes you inside the hearts and minds of the innovators working in the black economy.

Nominated for the Thinkers50 award for Innovation, Clay is passionate about subcultures and inspires you to rethink your assumptions on ingenuity. She has uncovered that the underworld is filled with natural-born-entrepreneurs.

Alex is the co-author of The Misfit Economy, named the best business book to read in 2015 by The World Economic Forum, TechRepublic, The Telegraph and Huffington Post. In the book, Clay interviews Somali Pirates, LA drug dealers, young hackers and NY con artists to unveil their remarkable business nous.

Beyond her work with the dark side of the economy, Clay holds a number of positions including being the Co-Founder of the League of Intrapreneurs, a movement to create change from within big business, she’s advised for the Clinton Foundation where she developed a community of social intrapreneurs to work on climate change. She is also the Founder of Wisdom Hackers, an incubator for philosophical inquiry.

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60-minute to half-day workshops offer a deep-dive into misfit topics that aim to stimulate creative problem solving and cement habits of out-of- the-box thinking.

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Alexa offered a unique and fresh perspective at our client conference. The audience loved her stories about her research and experiences, and had plenty of questions for her! She is an incredibly engaging, professional speaker who helped our clients to challenge their assumptions and engage with a topic they have never explored before.

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