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Skittles, Wenlock and Walking Clubs – Raising the Bar on employee engagement.

>Skittles, Wenlock and Walking Clubs – Raising the Bar on employee engagement.
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Published: 26th August 2014

In recent weeks our employee engagement coordinator Ashley has been busy planning our employee engagement schedule for the autumn. Step one involved taking some time out to try out our new game of skittles, this may seem a little random, but it’s all about getting the right mix in the workplace. For us, employee engagement is a crucial step towards the feel good factor that we love in our team.

Why bother focusing on employee engagement? 

Because employee performance can often be determined by how engaged (or disengaged) the employee is with their employer and work environment. Effective and consistent employee engagement not only motivates employees but builds confidence, encourages creative thinking, promotes a winning mindset and improves emotional intelligence. What could be better than a motivated, creative and confident winning team to drive forward performance in your organisation?

So, how to engage with your team?

Think of all the extra potential of a workforce who are motivated to be peak performers. Organisations that acknowledge and act on the importance of employee engagement are much more likely to develop and succeed. If only engagement was easy and something we could all achieve – well, the good news is it is.

Here are a few ideas for improving engagement in your organisation:

  • Have a little fun – this could be something as small as having a game your team can play for 5 minutes each day. Introducing a little fun that’s not related to workload is uplifting and this can work wonders when it comes to performance. We like nothing more than breaking a mid-afternoon lull with a game of skittles in the office.
  • Employees are more passionate about their role when they feel they are making a difference to the bigger picture. Recognise and encourage innovation and creative thinking, there’s nothing to say great ideas only come from the top. We take the time to listen to and value our team’s ideas, they may not always be the solution but often help on the journey.
  • Outline the company values and work by them (or even let your team create their own), give recognition to employees who reflect your values as they’re demonstrating their connection to the company, positive feedback is great for increasing self-belief and confidence. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.
  • We like to take a leaf out of the book ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor when it comes to recognition, it’s as good to give as it is to receive and that’s what makes Wenlock, our team mascot, so popular. Wenlock is used to offer recognition for team members nominated by other members of the team who work by our values and bring positivity to our environment. Why not develop recognition in your organisation to encourage a more self-motivated and confident team?
  • Encourage health and wellbeing in the workplace; this could be a workplace initiative to be more active. Showing your team you genuinely care about them can do miracles for motivation. We actively engage in well-being, our lunchtime walking club is a storming success and we try to get the right balance with a few treats including our new branded sweets.

Just a few small changes can start to improve engagement, so why not give it a try and enjoy all the extra productivity that comes with a more motivated team? We know it’s working for us, follow us on twitter for pictures and videos of what the team are getting up to.

Our Performance and Engagement programmes are award winning, we have a proven track record of vastly improving engagement and performance amongst employees. From Charles Van Commenee the inspirational Dutchman behind Team GB’s Super Saturday success at the London Olympics to bestselling author on change and emotional intelligence Damian Hughes, we bring in individuals who have something exciting and powerful to add to the overall content of each session we deliver- we live the values we are successful on. For more information click here