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Listen to our latest podcasts by industry experts, motivational speakers, inspirational adventurers, business leaders and sports personalities.

Claire Lomas Thumbnail

Overcoming Adversity | Episode 1 of 1

Claire Lomas

The inspirational Claire Lomas shares her life-changing story and how she managed to overcome adversity in...

Host: Claire Lomas MBE Listen to Podcast
Ben Smith Thumbnail

Mental Health | Episode 1 of 1

Ben Smith

A friendly chat with Motivational and Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Ben Smith hosted by Raise the...

Hosts: Ben Smith , Jonathan Stanger Listen to Podcast
Terence Mauri on Disruption Thumbnail

Disruption | Episode 1 of 1

Terence Mauri on Disruption

Innovation and disruption expert Terence Mauri joins Raise the Bar Director Steve Smith to talk about...

Hosts: Terence Mauri , Steve Smith Listen to Podcast
Who Are You Not? Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 7

Who Are You Not?

“What do people expect of you and, equally, what do people not expect of you? What...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
Tech in Learning Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 6

Tech in Learning

“We are in a world where digital technology can enable us, in the world of learning...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
Easy Leadership Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 5

Easy Leadership

“We’re in this world of the hardest way is the better way”. Is it easy for people to...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
Triggering Tripwires Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 4

Triggering Tripwires

A tripwire is the breaking of a pattern of behaviour. On a day-to-day basis, the things...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
Creativity Podcast Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 3

Creativity Podcast

“Creativity is contagious – pass it on” We are in one of the most creative times… driverless...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
The Power of Storytelling Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 2

The Power of Storytelling

“If we can create something, if we can paint a picture and create something really visual, then...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
What’s your communication style? Thumbnail

Kirsty Mac | Episode 1

What’s your communication style?

This Podcast will give you insight into the communication styles of others and, more importantly, help...

Host: Kirsty Mac Listen to Podcast
Charles van Commenee on Coaching Thumbnail

Boardroom Bites | Episode 1

Charles van Commenee on Coaching

A great first event got our Boardroom Bites series under way this week. Coaching! The event...

Host: Charles van Commenee Listen to Podcast
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