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Performance Tips from Sir Chris Hoy

>Performance Tips from Sir Chris Hoy
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Published: 10th December 2015

We were lucky enough to gain some great insight from one of our top speakers, Sir Chris Hoy MBE, as he showcased at our latest London Leadership event last month. Who better to gain peak-performance advice from than Great Britain’s greatest ever Olympian? Here we share Sir Chris’ 3 Top Tips on High Performance:

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  • The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

A very simple and well know concept adopted by Sir Chris and the GB Cycling Team – you could try to improve something 100%, but improving 100 things by 1% could give you the same advantage. Take a look at everything you do in your role, how many actions/activities/processes are you responsible for that could be improved by just a tiny margin? You’ll be surprised how these tiny adjustments add up to create ground breaking performance.

  • Create a Culture of Success

Within the Team GB Cycling Team, every person (not just the cyclists) aims to be the very best in the world at what they do, to ensure success for the overall team. Once this culture of elite performance and success is embedded throughout the team, new members joining will feel this is the norm and continue to grow the culture.

  • Goal Setting

Sir Chris aimed to be the best in the world, but it wasn’t the medal itself he focused on, it was the process of how to get that medal. He focused on cycling, not winning. What are the goals in your career? Are you focusing on the end goal, or the performance you need to put in to get there?

For more information on Sir Chris Hoy and to check his availability for your next event click here.