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Leadership after Lockdown
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Led by Raise the Bar Director Shaun Lanceley,
Director of Operations Becs Bridge and Learning Manager Ellie Cronshaw

Leadership after Lockdown

Time to develop your leaders and managers for the future without budgetary constraints!
Using the Levy to future proof your managers, your leaders and your business.

As we approach one of the deepest recessions The UK has ever known organisations are working with limited budgets whilst trying to ensure they are fighting fit and have the right quality of leaders and managers to meet the tough challenges that lie ahead.

There is an obvious solution.

More than ever Businesses will need people who have transitioned to working in new ways and can positively lead and influence the journey through recovery and back to optimum performance. Already cited as a significant UK skills gap, strong leadership and management capability will be much needed; we often promote our best people into management positions but forget that it brings a whole set of new demands and in many organisations this will require developing people, some from the management basics up, to meet this challenge.

But how do organisations do so when many people are working remotely, when people are still furloughed, and when already scarce training budgets have been significantly reigned in as costs are carefully managed?

Join us in this webinar to learn how to:

  • Achieve a head-start on developing your leaders and managers right now without the need for budget by using the apprentice levy
  • Provide a high quality and engaging development experience for your people that leads to professional qualification by using the latest technologies
  • Enable your furloughed and under-utilised people to work on their skills now and make significant progress in readiness for their return
  • Select the right accreditation option depending on your learners’ desired level of commitment
  • Navigate the programme set up and learner onboarding journey with impact and ease
  • Ensure the right level of quality throughout the programme to deliver optimum learner and organisational results

Thursday 18 of June 2020

10:00 to 10:30 am

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*Please note that our webinars attract a big crowd and this webinar will be no exception. Places are limited and therefore subject to availability, we cannot guarantee a place to everyone, but will notify successful applicants as soon as possible by email.