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From Kitchen Table to Global Domination

>From Kitchen Table to Global Domination
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Published: 29th April 2016

Last week we were joined by Julie Deane OBE at the latest of our London Leadership Events; Julie’s incredible story is of how she built The Cambridge Satchel Company from her kitchen with just £600 and grew it in to a brand sold globally and worth over £50 million within just 5 years. As a hugely successful woman in business and entrepreneur, Julie shared with us her key points for achieving our goals in business:

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  • Ask yourself what makes you happy – For Julie, it was Self-Employment, but whatever it is for YOU, throw yourself at it and stay true to yourself.
  • Define success for your venture – Once you’ve reached it, this is success, whatever it may be. RECOGNISE that you have succeeded and that everything you achieve from here is a bonus!
  • Don’t over-think – your first idea is usually the best idea – Don’t be afraid to back yourself. But always keep moving and evolving, “don’t sink” because the competition WILL catch up.
  • Get yourself noticed – be innovative in every aspect of what you do. If your product is good enough, people will want it, but you still need to connect with them!
  • Be accountable for your mistakes – Take responsibility for your mistakes, but never make the same mistake twice. Don’t settle for less in quality, design, staff etc, and don’t settle for a poor substitute.
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