Embrace Entrepreneurial Spirit for Business Success

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Category: Development
Published: 25th September 2014

With our next London Leadership event only a month away it’s a great time to focus on embracing entrepreneurial spirit to win in business. Showcasing at the event will be Josephine Fairley co-founder of Green & Blacks and Justin Stead former Aurum group CEO, both highly successful people.

Bubble profile - Justin Stead
Bubble profile - Jo Fairley

But what is an entrepreneurial spirit?

  • They are Doers, not put off by the unfamiliar, they like to think big and challenge the status quo.
  • Being Thinkers, entrepreneurs thrive with change, nothing is constant in business, they don’t like to become complacent and comfortable with what they’re used to.
  • Motivation comes as second nature to them, constantly challenging themselves to deliver the best solutions.
  • As Innovators, they aim to embrace entrepreneurial spirit in all that they do, always looking for different ways to gain the edge.

How does entrepreneurial spirit work for us?

Our quarterly leadership events challenge the status quo, allowing us to offer valuable insight and motivation to senior business leaders. We constantly Raise the Bar, thinking of new ways to add value for you and your business.


Try developing a starter-finisher attitude and adding a little entrepreneurial spirit within your team for improved results. Our wide range of Learning & Development programmes are award winning, to find out more click here.