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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

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Improving Customer Experience will create more loyal customers, lowering the cost of doing business and increasing sales revenue. This interactive full-day session will cover the key principles and processes needed to transform your customers’ experiences. The session will have a ‘hands-on’ approach and will provide the opportunity for delegates to practise skills in relation to taking customer service from good to great in your organisation.


The session could include:


  • Hygiene Factors – Getting the basics right every time as a foundation to excellent customer service
  • Surprise & Delight – How to go the extra mile to surprise and delight your customers
  • Acres of Diamonds – How a historical story about a farmer in Persia can help delegates understand the importance of focusing on all customers, not just new ones.
  • Thinking Outside-In not Inside-Out – Often, organisations make decisions which they know will benefit the company and hope will benefit the customer. This is inside-out thinking. Hope is not a plan! Companies that deliver great customer service think outside-in.
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    There are three things I value about working with Raise the Bar;  one, I’ve been able to trust them, two, they’ve been great listeners, they’ve listened to my needs and tailored solutions to deliver on the commitments I have made to my teams. Finally, they’ve been great partners, trusted partners all the way through my journey with Barclays over the past five years.

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    Raise the Bar are a really easy organisation to work with. They have got a vast number of different experts that they work with along with their varying specialities. They’re really flexible, they’re always keen to learn about our organisation and are really adaptable, spending a lot of time making sure they deliver the best possible outcomes.

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    Raise the Bar were able to understand our complexity, develop a host of bespoke interventions to stretch and bind us together. From the planning of the sessions, pre-briefs, workbooks, speakers, facilitation, skills development, coaching and development sets; we have changed, we have grown, we are a team, with greater possibilities than we could have ever imagined.

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