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Project Management

Project Management

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The benefits of good project management are ten-fold, a good project manager combines organisational skill and logistical co-ordination to guide a project from point A to point B. By using a structured strategy you can successfully complete your project, gain positive results, and inspire your team to continue to look for ways to grow and perform more efficiently.


Our interactive project management workshop gives delegates an appreciation of their management style, and the benefits of this before allowing them to examine the key project milestones, such as; purpose, objectives, planning, problem solving, team management, and evaluation of the project.


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  • Recognise the key attributes of an effective project manager
  • Identify strategies for stakeholder mapping
  • Devise a structured communications plan
  • Anticipate risks, issues and opportunities
  • Plan, monitor, control, and review a project effectively
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    Raise the Bar are a really easy organisation to work with. They have got a vast number of different experts that they work with along with their varying specialities. They’re really flexible, they’re always keen to learn about our organisation and are really adaptable, spending a lot of time making sure they deliver the best possible outcomes.

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    We partner with Raise the Bar to deliver our Leadership Programmes. They are a breath of fresh air, delivering what sometimes be dry and academic in a refreshing and dynamic way. By mixing theory with practical examples they bring the subject to life, presenting messages which are perceived as both inspiring and relevant to delegates.

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    Raise the Bar are outstanding “Go To” People when it comes to inspirational training and development that delivers a fantastic return on investment.

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