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Assertive people are confident when expressing their opinions, and respectful of the views of others. This interactive workshop allows delegates to explore the quality of being self-assured and confident, without being aggressive. They will gain an appreciation of what constitutes assertive behaviour and identify their own approach.


Delegates gain an awareness of how to be more impactful in the workplace.


Master Class Headlines:


  • Defining and identifying the 4 styles of assertive behaviour.
  • Practice identifying levels of assertiveness in others; and gain an appreciation of how communication and body language effect behaviour.
  • Investigating the link between conflict and assertive behaviour, and defining a personal approach.
  • Explore assertiveness techniques and when to use them.
  • Gain an appreciation of how to give constructive feedback.
  • Managing the impression you give people, even when you’re not communicating with them.
  • Adapting your style for situations involving conflict or stress.
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    Raise the Bar has helped the Unilever team take a leap forward in unity and strength. The team has been helped to appreciate one another’s diverse strengths and personal leadership abilities.

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    We partner with Raise the Bar to deliver our Leadership Programmes. They are a breath of fresh air, delivering what sometimes be dry and academic in a refreshing and dynamic way. By mixing theory with practical examples they bring the subject to life, presenting messages which are perceived as both inspiring and relevant to delegates.

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    We’re working with Raise the Bar because as an organisation we’re trying to improve our management capabilities. Raise the Bar have been fantastic in understanding our needs and delivering speakers for a number of conferences, They have also developed a commercial academy to help us improve the capabilities of our sales and marketing teams.

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