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Management Apprenticeships

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Level 3 and Level 5 Leadership and Management Apprenticeships to Maximise the Value from your Levy

As award-winning leadership and management development specialists we are bringing our reputation for high-quality management development programmes and memorable learning experiences to the world of management apprenticeships!


Aimed at existing and aspiring leaders and managers our apprenticeships include professionally recognised ILM Diploma qualifications and are delivered with a creative, engaging and digitally enhanced Raise the Bar approach. Full funding is usually available too meaning it is an excellent way to maximise the value that can be derived from your Apprentice Levy Account whilst building your future leadership and management talent pipeline.


We are quite different due to our unique and privileged position which provides us with access to over 700 of the very best experts in leadership and management related areas – inspirational thought leaders, innovators and educators. Drawing on their expertise, insights and experiences we have created the best quality apprenticeships we could with the funding that is available for each learner.

Our Approach

Specialising exclusively in the delivery of Level 3 and 5 Leadership and Management Apprenticeships, we are experts in quickly establishing a deep knowledge and understanding of your business. We carefully contextualise delivery of our apprenticeships to align with your strategy, values, and culture ensuring that the learning is easily transferred into day-to-day leadership capability and sustainable performance improvement.


From pre-programme communication and engagement activities to end assessment, that’s our expertise and strength – taking great care to help you to create the future leaders and managers that your organisation really needs!

We develop an initial understanding of your leadership and management needs and explain how apprenticeships and the Levy can be utilised as the perfect solution, taking care to answer all of your questions as we go. Once you are ready to move forward we can support you in formalising Raise the Bar as your chosen provider, agree responsibilities, and input and guide the communications and engagement activities required for your potential apprentices.

Your programme will be branded for your organisation and content contextualised to reflect your key strategic priorities, values, culture and language. The programme will be planned to fit with your business and its operations. We will check learner eligibility for funding and the apprenticeship/ILM qualification and undertake all formal enrolment activities.

In addition to the sessions facilitated by management experts and wide variety of learning resources and support available through the apprenticeship, each learner will also be allocated their own dedicated coach. The coach will work with each learner to agree, monitor and support them through their own individual learner plan to prepare them for successful completion of the end-point assessment (EPA). If learners require additional support in Maths and/or English, their coach can also provide this too.

The Programmes

We deliver 2 levels of apprenticeships within the leadership and management apprenticeship standards. (Hover boxes below)

Level 3

Level 3 Develops a range of essential management skills, refined in the real working environment to provide an understanding of management and leadership theory and the capability to motivate teams and influence with confidence.


Audience: Team Leader/Supervisor

Indicative Timespan: 12-18 months

Total Qualification Time (TQT): 370  Hours


Level 5

Level 5 Develops the ability to lead, motivate and inspire people to drive better results. Uses core management techniques to provide practical leadership and operational management skills raise your professional profile.


Audience: Operational/Departmental Managers

Indicative Timespan: 24-30 months

Total Qualification Time (TQT): 512  Hours


How we deliver

  • Frequent workshops facilitated by management experts (10 for Level 3)
  • Cutting edge technology including app, virtual tutors, webinars, radio, and online classrooms
  • A dedicated coach for each learner
  • Programme content inspired by Raise the Bar’s 700 thought leaders
  • Over 400 hours of learning resources and learner support
  • Support with pre-programme communications, launch, and enrolment
  • Client branded and contextualised materials
How we deliver
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Indicative programme outline

Our apprenticeships at both Level 3 and 5 incorporate development in all of the knowledge, skills and behaviours you would expect of a leader or manager at that level in your organisation – for example:

Team Apprenticeship


Leading and managing people

Building relationships




Operational management
Project management



Managing self and personal development
Problem-solving and decision-making

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    There are three things I value about working with Raise the Bar;  one, I’ve been able to trust them, two, they’ve been great listeners, they’ve listened to my needs and tailored solutions to deliver on the commitments I have made to my teams. Finally, they’ve been great partners, trusted partners all the way through my journey with Barclays over the past five years.

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    Raise the Bar are a really easy organisation to work with. They have got a vast number of different experts that they work with along with their varying specialities. They’re really flexible, they’re always keen to learn about our organisation and are really adaptable, spending a lot of time making sure they deliver the best possible outcomes.

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    We partner with Raise the Bar to deliver our Leadership Programmes. They are a breath of fresh air, delivering what sometimes be dry and academic in a refreshing and dynamic way. By mixing theory with practical examples they bring the subject to life, presenting messages which are perceived as both inspiring and relevant to delegates.

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Our Learning App.
Supporting all of our programmes.

In our digital age we believe that delegates should have a more modern experience to support their development. The Raise the Bar App has been designed to support all of our solutions, providing your delegates with a cutting-edge digital experience.

Empower & engage your delegates using innovative technology to inspire great performance.

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